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Welcome to Mansfield ISD’s Virtual School!
We are an approved member of the Texas Virtual School Network and the online program is supported by Mansfield Independent School District. This program is a fully accredited solution that provides online courses for students across the state of Texas. We offer options for students grades 9-12, who are looking for a way to take courses online that did not fit into their schedule or to get ahead on their credits. With Mansfield ISD's Virtual School, you now have another option.

Mansfield ISD's Virtual School offers:
  • Flexible and interactive online classes that fit your schedule
  • An online classroom with no distractions or peer pressure
  • One-on-one attention from Texas-certified teachers
  • 24/7 student support system
  • A comprehensive list of interactive, online curriculum
Below is a list of courses offered by Mansfield ISD's Virtual School.

  • Advanced & College Preparatory
    • AP® Biology A
      AP® Biology B
      AP® Calculus BC (TXVSN Approved)
      AP® English Language and Composition A (TXVSN Approved)
      AP® English Language and Composition B (TXVSN Approved)
      AP® English Literature and Composition A (TXVSN Approved)
      AP® English Literature and Composition B (TXVSN Approved)
      AP® Environmental Science (TXVSN Approved)
      AP® French 4 A (TXVSN Approved)
      AP® French 4 B (TXVSN Approved)
      AP® Government
      AP® Physics B A (TXVSN Approved)
      AP® Physics B B (TXVSN Approved)
      AP® Spanish 4 A (TXVSN Approved)
      AP® Spanish 4 B (TXVSN Approved)
      AP® United States History A (TXVSN Approved)
      AP® United States History B (TXVSN Approved)
  • Electives
    • BCIS A
      BCIS B
      Fundamentals of Art History
      Fundamentals of Web Development
      Introduction to Anthropology
      Introduction to Graphic Design
      Introduction to Online Learning (HS/MS)
      Music Theory A
  • Health Education
    • Health (TXVSN Approved)
      Foundations of Personal Fitness A (TXVSN Approved)
      Foundations of Personal Fitness B (TXVSN Approved)
  • World Languages
    • French 1 A
      French 1 B
      French 2 A
      French 2 B
      German 1 A
      German 1 B
      German 2 A
      German 2 B
      Latin 1 A
      Latin 1 B
      Latin 2 A
      Latin 2 B
      Mandarin 1 A
      Mandarin 1 B
      Mandarin 2 A
      Mandarin 2 B
      Spanish 1 A
      Spanish 1 B
      Spanish 2 A
      Spanish 2 B
      Spanish 3 A
      Spanish 3 B
  • Language Arts
    • English 1 A (TXVSN Approved)
      English 1 B (TXVSN Approved)
      English 2 A (TXVSN Approved)
      English 2 B (TXVSN Approved)
      English 3 A (TXVSN Approved)
      English 3 B (TXVSN Approved)
      English 4 A (TXVSN Approved)
      English 4 B (TXVSN Approved)
  • Mathematics
    • Algebra I A (TXVSN Approved)
      Algebra I B (TXVSN Approved)
      Geometry A (TXVSN Approved)
      Geometry B (TXVSN Approved)
      Algebra 2 A (TXVSN Approved)
      Algebra 2 B (TXVSN Approved)
      Calculus A
      Calculus B
      Math Models A (TXVSN Approved)
      Math Models B (TXVSN Approved)
  • Sciences
    • Biology A (TXVSN Approved)
      Biology B (TXVSN Approved)
      Environmental Science A
      Environmental Science B
      Chemistry A (TXVSN Approved)
      Chemistry B (TXVSN Approved)
      Physics A (TXVSN Approved)
      Physics B (TXVSN Approved)
  • Social Sciences / Social Studies
    • US History A (TXVSN Approved)
      US History B (TXVSN Approved)
      World Geography A(TXVSN Approved)
      World Geography B (TXVSN Approved)
      World History A (TXVSN Approved)
      World History B (TXVSN Approved)
      Government (TXVSN Approved)

* Courses coming soon   (MS) - Middle School
+ Minimum course term of 16 weeks

If you are interested in learning more about how you can take courses online through Mansfield ISD's Virtual School, contact us today!

Paul Cash, Director of Student Services


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